How to Enjoy 420 Like a Proper Stoner

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If you're like us - you're probably a mix of "let's plan our entire life on Google Sheets" while simultaneously not following anything on said sheet and "going with the flow."  Most of the time, you should be able to get away with quite a few pressing matters in this type of limbo.  Other things, like spending 420 in the best ways possible, might be a bit of a challenge.  From massive festivals to dispensary get-togethers, 420 is the equivalent of Christmas for stoners.  And whether you're super social and love going out to these things (or not), there is truly something for every stoner on Earth today.  So let's get clear on what exactly this blog is: is it a buyer's guide?  YES.  Is it an events calendar?  YES.  Is it platform for us to announce something new?  ABSOLUTELY. Nevertheless, there's nothing that we can't take on, our favorite holiday included.  So here's everything we know that happening today.  Who knows, maybe you'll run into us with something new in-hand!

FOR OUR ARIZONA FAM: Deals all day!

Seeing that Arizona is one of the newest states to enjoy recreational cannabis - this is technically the second year in which the state is fully legal, 420 EVENTS ARE ABSOLUTELY POPPIN'!  One such event was Buds-A-Palooza 420 Festival that was held last weekend.  While the large-scale festival is over and done with, the actual day of 420 is often embraced by cannabis and non-cannabis businesses alike!  Speaking strictly on the dispensaries that carry Weedsy, here's what we know:


Applicable on 420 only, Nirvana Center - West Phoenix is hosting a BOGO deal on all Weedsy Infused mini pre-rolls.  We'll be honest, the dispensary wasn't too transparent of what exactly that BOGO deal will look like, but we'll take any and all savings!  After all, saving a few bucks only really means the ability to scoop up even more weed for today!

If you're in the Phoenix, Tempe, or Apache Junctions areas, Nirvana Center is THE SPOT to be in!



For those that want to keep 420 going for as possible, Curaleaf is hosting a 'Buy 2 Get 1 Free' deal on Weedsy Infused mini pre-rolls at their Camelback, Bell Rd., and Glendale locations.  Fund us during these times to say hi and maybe we'll smoke you out!


If you live in Oklahoma, chances are you've heard of Country Cannabis.  Country Cannabis is our operator in the state and for good reason!  They're just on top of everything, all the time!  So naturally, for a holiday as big as 420 is, you can best believe you'll be thoroughly hooked up all day long.  That is, of course, if you can catch them!

the 420 pop-up tour (hosted by country cannabis)

Weedsy, BLVK Label, Korova, The Alchemist, Chronic, Sublime, and Country Cannabis are going on a pop-up mini tour all over the state on 420.  The deals are simple: buy anything at any of the dispensaries and get hooked up with swag & goodies courtesy of all the brands!  You can find the team at the following locations and times:

On top of catching your favorite mini pre-roll brand willingly giving out all sorts of swag and goodies, you can also catch the team at the Budtender Olympics Friday night in Tulsa.  What does such an event entail?  Well, if we had to guess, we think it'll be a series of games for a team to engage in...while high.  Coming off the tail of 420, this sounds like a Friday well-spent in our eyes!  The Budtender Olympics will be held at Studio 30 Event Center, Friday April 22nd and starts at 7pm.  We hope to see you there!


Totally unbiased opinion here: I don't think there has ever been a "dull" 420 in California since I have been old enough to partake.  Every single year, pre- or post-legalization, California just knows how to celebrate 420 right.  Just looking at a couple of our top dispensaries in the state, here's what's going on:


At DTPG, deals or any sort is the norm - and 420 is no different.  Well, it's a little different - the deals are huge!  Stop by anytime tomorrow and grab yourself a FREE Weedsy Infused mini pre-roll of your choice after purchasing at least three flavors!  Choose between Berries, Grape, Green Apple, Grape, Strawberry, and Watermelon and just to even out the deal get a 4th FREE!


If we had to choose a dispensary that's been with us since day one, Emberz would be one of them!  And earning some well-deserved love out in the SFV is an honor to say the least.  Come tomorrow for 420, you can rest easy knowing Emberz is bringing the heat!  All six Weedsy Infused mini pre-rolls will be on sale AND will be BOGO!  Hit them up to see exactly what that deal is like.  If memory serves us right, THEY HOOK IT UP!


It's been two years since our humble little pre-roll brand launched.  And when we did, the world was a very different place than how it is now.  Two years ago, we were in lockdown - unable to go outside and be the social stoner butterflies we probably were.  Given how the world changed, we firmly believed (and still firmly believe) that blazing it up is inherently a solo experience.  We did after all, start the Anti-Sharing Smoking Club, right?

Like everything, however, times change and therefore we should embrace that change.  So keep up with the times while staying true to our mission of spreading the anti-sharing vibes, we're proud to unveil the latest and greatest to the Weedsy family: IT'S A SECRET!

We're sorry for the massively anticipated vibes we just gave off but we're not going to tell you what we're unveiling quite yet.  What we CAN tell you is that this new addition is going to be the newest, hottest, and soon-to-be the most dank grouping of infused pre-rolls on the market - and across all the states that we're involved in!  Think of it as DOUBLE THE FUN with an all-new infusion process to keep you on your toes...or rather, the floor because these new infused pre-rolls will slap the living **** out of you.

Now you're probably thinking - IT'S 420, WEEDSY, WHY NOT JUST DROP IT TODAY?  For that, we think announcing the idea that we have something new-new today is good enough.  We care about quality, how hard it'll actually slap the living **** out of you, and to give it the proper love it deserves for something so revolutionary.  We'll play the patient game this time around - and we hope you understand!  Keep your eyes peeled to our social media and the future blogs where we truly explain why experiencing DOUBLE THE FUN is worth the wait!

Happy 420 everyone!  We hope you get high in the safest way possible!

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