Finding Your Perfect Weed Delivery Service

Finding Your Perfect Weed Delivery Service

You know, ever since we launched in California in the middle of the pandemic, we always encouraged our stoners to physical set foot in dispensaries, not at all considering the dangers of entering into a building with people in it.  And even now in 2022, while the pandemic is almost over, gas is pushing $7 in LA and it makes us even more turned off about needing to travel for our weed.

If you didn't know - we live in the golden age of home delivery.  From Amazon to Instacart, Best Buy to Walmart, and even those air fryers you can buy on QVC, there's not much that you can't get brought straight to your door - and your weekly stash of Weedsy Infused mini pre-rolls are no exception.  Weed delivery services are a very real thing and most are pretty good at getting what you need to enjoy your weed without setting foot outside.  Some of these companies, however, are not created equally.  Let's light up a pre-roll, get a little toasty, and break down everything you should be asking yourself when finding the perfect weed delivery service!


Most times, when you're looking for something to buy, you'd pay attention to a few things: price, availability of the product, and reviews.  How many times have you been excited about a potential purchase, but the mountain of negative reviews scared you away?  Taking the time to get to know about the weed delivery service before you make a purchase can mean the world for building a long-term relationship with your new plug.  Look them up on Weedmaps, Leafly, iHeartJane, and other platforms that show dispensary info.  If they have social media, look at the comments and see what people are saying.

Once you get a hold of them or their pages, find answers to questions such as 'How much is the delivery fee?'  'What is the typical delivery window from the time you make a purchase to when it'll arrive to you?'  And a very important one - what is their return/exchange policy?'  You wouldn't believe how many times we've received weed and found it to be defective.  The flower was moldy, the gummies were the wrong product, the cartridge was leaking.  Then when we reach back out to the delivery service, they either refused to help us or flat-out blocked us.  That's a no bueno and we wouldn't even wish that upon our worst enemies!

The most important aspect of a weed delivery service is having a consistent and responsive customer service department.  This should be a deal-breaker - if they cannot keep up with the most basic questions and stand behind their products, you can puff puff pass that right up!


We remember back in the days of prohibition, the homie would roll through at the most odd hours of the day or night.  Sometimes we'd re-up on flower at 2 or 3am after a long night out with the boys.  Other times the plug would roll through with a full zip of flower at 7am for a proper wake n' bake sesh before we head out to class.  We also remember that if we made him drive out to the hotel after EDC LA (yes, we're this old), we'd have to pay top dollar for gas.  Think of your future delivery service the same way.

Whether you're at work, school, your house, your friends house, or anywhere else, make sure you're ordering from a delivery service that can accommodate your lifestyle.  Delivery brands have a service area they follow - and if you happen to order your weed outside of that area, expect to pay a whole bunch more for it.

On top of that, these delivery services typically have a "last call" timeframe usually being within 1 or 2 hours before they close.  Make sure your orders are in before that time, otherwise you'd be out of luck for that much-needed nightcap before bed!

variety of products are just as necessary

Think of your future go-to delivery service as having the inventory of Costco.  From flower, to edibles, to vapes, and concentrates, the delivery service should have several different types of each product category and have sufficient stock of it.  Let's be real, sometimes we'd want to get several things in one order.  And other times life slaps us in the face and we'd need a specific strain or product to make it just a little less exhausting.  Having a delivery service with a diversified range of products in stock should be a priority just as much as customer service.  At the end of the day, you like what you like and we're sure there's a company out there that can make it happen so you don't have to!


While weed is recreationally legal, it's not a pretty sight to have a van roll up in your neighborhood with a huge "420 Blaze It" design on it.  Maybe your family lives with you or your neighbors would ask questions and you'll forever be that one guy that blazes.  If discretion is a concern, it's best to ask the delivery service how exactly the transfer of products would occur.  Certain delivery services drop off their orders in regular cars and vans.  Others would deliver products in blank paper bags or physically walk up to your door to keep the transaction as normal-looking as possible.


This last point is rare, but not totally unheard of.  Some of the bigger dispensaries and delivery services expand on their customer service department to include account managers.  Their job is to help retain their clientele through personalized consultation before the purchase and follow up after the fact to ensure true satisfaction.

These account managers are a lot like dispensary sales reps who are happy to talk to you about what products may be right for you.  After all, you deserve the same level of attention with your weed delivery service as you would physically being in a dispensary, right?

Any knowledgeable budtender can answer any and all of your questions pertaining to their products.  From sourcing to safety, to the best strains for managing an ailment's symptoms, and even to achieving true relaxation or any other feeling, your account manager is the one to turn to if you're looking for something specific.


It's not hard to find a delivery service that's competent enough to deliver the cannabis products you want.  From customer service, to product availability, and ensuring their operation fits into your lifestyle, knowing the right things to look for can make or break your delivery experience.  If you find yourself unmotivated to physically set foot in a dispensary, having a weed delivery service in your back pocket can be a real lifesaver for any stoner!  And if you're in the mood for getting Weedsy delivered directly to you, check us out on Weedmaps, you'd be surprised how many of our retailers are delivery services!


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